RPB Asia secures the 31st National Cocktail Competition for the first time, brings back the Bartender Invitational by The Bar Awards, leverages trade and consumer insights to imagine the Ideal Bar of the Future and works with trailblazing local and regional talent to create a new signature cocktail for Singapore.

SINGAPORE, 22 January 2019 – Organised by Montgomery Asia, Restaurant, Pub & Bar Asia (RPB Asia) 2019 will play host to two of the region’s most prestigious bartending competitions – the 31st National Cocktail Competition by the Association of Bartenders & Sommeliers Singapore (ABSS) and the second edition of the Bartender Invitational by The Bar Awards – underscoring RPB Asia’s position as Southeast Asia’s only trade show dedicated to the restaurant, pub and bar community.

These competitions will be held alongside two brand new features – the Ideal Bar of the Future and a challenge to create a new signature cocktail for Singapore – that demonstrate RPB Asia’s elevated focus on growing local and regional talent, incorporating greater input from industry leaders as well as consumers and highlighting the best of the fast-evolving industry.


The 31st National Cocktail Competition and the returning Bartender Invitational by The Bar Awards – will bring together an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary bartenders from all over Southeast Asia.

The legendary National Cocktail Competition will see participants take part across six categories including classic cocktail, mocktail, students, teas, flair and bottle opening. Two days of heats will take place before the finals happen on 19 July. The winner from the classic cocktail category will represent Singapore at the prestigious World Cocktail Championships, held later in the year.

Steven Chen, President of ABSS, says “This is a showcase of the top talents in the country with a great platform to back it up. We look forward to witnessing some of the best bartending displayed on stage.”

One of the highlights of RPB Asia 2018, the celebrated Bartender Invitational is an intense 3-day competition that will see six winning bartenders from the region battle it out for the title of the best Bartender of the Year in Asia.

Tron Young, Founder of The Bar Awards and Bartender Invitational says, “This year’s show offerings have really raised the bar for quality contenders. It’s heartening to see aspiring bartenders showcase their talents and put their skills to the test, while gaining inspiration and new networks through their peers.”
Tron, who is also one of the show’s Industry Ambassadors, will also be sharing on-ground feedback and insider knowledge with the participants. The new Industry Ambassadors Programme was introduced in order to contribute to a more robust show offering, reflective of industry trends and visitor needs.


In a push for insight-driven innovation, RPB Asia has partnered with Singapore’s leading gourmet and lifestyle publication, Wine & Dine, to research and analyse qualitative data from both trade and consumers in order to create the ideal bar of the future. Completely shaped by insights from industry veterans and the public, a design firm will create a live build for trade visitors to experience the bar first-hand. Visitors will also have exclusive access to the report, which will be available for download at the show.


Click edit button to change this text.In celebration of Singapore’s bicentennial in 2019, finalists of the National Cocktail Competition’s Classic Cocktail category will also pair up with The Bartender Invitational’s finalists to dream up a new cocktail that represents Singapore.

Christopher McCuin, Managing Director of Montgomery Asia, says, “We’re really thrilled to be able to spotlight the diversity and excellence of talent in Southeast Asia at our show. The opportunity to host two of the most respected cocktail and bartending competitions, work with brilliant bartenders to create a new cocktail for Singapore and pioneer research to launch the Ideal Bar of the Future, are a testament to the importance and relevance of RPB Asia to the restaurant, pub and bar community in the region. We are immensely grateful for the confidence and support from our various partners and will continue to explore ways to bring more new and innovative offerings to visitors at RPB Asia.”

RPB Asia’s renewed focused on localising the show for Southeast Asia and continued forward-thinking is exemplary of the show’s endeavours to constantly drive the industry forward and set the stage for future trends. More details on exhibitors and programming will be announced leading up to the show in July 2019. RPB Asia will be co-located with Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA) at Suntec Singapore.